Krav Maga was developed in the 1930s by Imi Lichtenfeld, who in 1948 became Chief Instructor of Physical Fitness and Krav Maga for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). The FEKM (European Federation of Krav Maga) was created in 1997 by Richard Douieb, to whom Imi Lichtenfeld gave the responsibility for Krav Maga in Europe, and now includes more than 14000 members across 11 countries. It is the largest and most well respected Krav Maga organisation in Europe.

Shrewsbury Krav Maga is an expanding club operating out of St Chads Hall in the heart of Shrewsbury, and is the fourth of the clubs in the UK supported by the FEKM, giving us direct access to the key instruction and principles of Krav Maga. We started our club at the beginning of 2016 and are looking forward to building our membership and introducing true and traditional Krav Maga to people from Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas.

Our approach is friendly and we pride ourselves in the thoroughness of our instruction and in our care for our students. Our primary focus is on teaching the safe, effective and lawful application of what is, after all, a potentially lethal set of techniques and principles. Self defense is the essential framework of Krav Maga and is made up of a range of techniques and responses to a wide variety of attacks (armed or unarmed) and from various positions (upright, seated, lying down). All our sessions are safe and controlled and as a result of your self defense training you can expect to get fitter, stronger and more flexible.

So, now you have seen the video, and read about us, get yourself signed up for a Basics Course and find out what Shrewsbury Krav Maga is all about!

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